Turning a No into a Valuable Conversation

Turning a No into a Valuable Conversation
December 22, 2020 Dave Blount

Turning a No into a Valuable Conversation

The key to effective telemarketing is to recognise when the person on the other end of the line really does mean no. In the vast majority of cases, they’ll initially say it not because the pitch is unsuitable but for another reason, such as:

  • They don’t yet have clear information about the product or service
  • They haven’t been told how the offering can solve their problems
  • They believe their current supplier is sufficient
  • They’re in a rush and another time would be more convenient
  • They’re simply having a bad day

A telemarketer’s role is to apply experience, intelligence and social skills to prevent this initial contact from becoming a dead end. It’s a difficult job and can be very challenging, but that’s what our experts here are trained to do without causing irritation. 

Targeting is crucial

Thanks to us using high-quality databases, we’ll never call someone on your behalf who is outside of your target audience. This means that when our telemarketers start a conversation, they’re confident that the subject matter is relevant. Consistently sticking to this is incredibly important, as otherwise there will be a lot of people who answer the phone only to hang up and block the number.

When no means maybe

Many people that we speak to will say that they already have the product or service in question. This isn’t a checkmate situation, as chances are there will be some element of their current arrangement that they’re unhappy with.

Sometimes it’s very clear to them that they need a new supplier, whereas on other occasions it can require a few strategic questions for them to realise they’re not getting the best service. Either way, this creates an opportunity for our telemarketers to begin a worthwhile discussion, covering all of the factors the decision-maker would need to improve efficiency and achieve operational excellence.

Building relationships

We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients, so we make it clear that there will be a lot of people we speak to who do in fact mean no… for now. Usually, it’s that they have a contract with their existing supplier if it’s a service or doesn’t currently need your products right this moment. However, most will say that they’re happy for a call at a later date to reassess the situation, which enables us to establish a relationship between them and your brand.

By listening to their needs and respecting their schedules, we can set up a future call at a time that suits them. In the process, we create a rapport and continue to build it when we get in contact with them again. The result is a higher likelihood of the sale taking place in a few months’ time, rather than missing the window of opportunity due to taking a soft no as a definite rejection.

A very particular set of skills

We’re different from other telemarketing agencies because we focus on quality over quantity. In our opinion, a valuable conversation with a potential lead is far better than ten pushy phone calls that cause annoyance. Our telemarketing agents use patience, professionalism, emotional intelligence, politeness, negotiation skills and friendly nature to get you top results, all while doing your brand proud.

Say yes to TNF Communications 

We’re here to take away the stress of lead generation and appointment setting. To find out more, give our team a call on 01482 738984 or email workshop@thenorthernfoundry.com


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