Does Telemarketing Work in December?

Does Telemarketing Work in December?
December 14, 2020 Dave Blount

It’s easy to think that December isn’t a good time to carry out telemarketing, what with it being an extremely busy month for everyone. The truth is that TNF Commmunications can still generate leads for your business even during the festive period, as there are multiple unique factors that come into play.

Fewer meetings

Whilst there will always be an odd meeting in December, there are usually less of them taking place due to companies focusing on other things. This often means that the decision-makers we need to talk to have greater availability and are free to talk over the phone about your products and services.

Businesses are planning ahead

Carrying out telemarketing in December is also a strategic move, as businesses are actively looking into ways to make the next year more productive and profitable than the last. Rather than leaving your outreach until January, it makes perfect sense to plant the seeds now by explaining to C-level executives how your business can help theirs.

Stay ahead of your competitors

As mentioned in the intro, many people believe that December isn’t a good time for telemarketing and therefore reduce the volume or even put in on hold. The result is an even higher likelihood of us catching your target audience at a convenient time, as well as a smoother process for scheduling callbacks.

Squeeze into existing budgets

The end of the calendar year can present opportunities to work with companies that haven’t used up their annual budget. We’ve come across a lot of departments that are funded on a “use it or lose it” basis, with chunks of the budget still being available but without a suitable place to spend the cash.

Our expert telemarketers thoroughly explain how your products and services will meet their needs and solve specific problems, encouraging additional sales before the year is out.

Pitch for next year’s budget

Even if a business has used up its budget for the year, they usually won’t have finalised the one for the next twelve months. By having valuable discussions about the benefits and applications of your service offering, we’ll ensure that funds are allocated toward it in advance.

Create lasting connections

One of the lovely things about December is that people are in a more positive mood. The festive season brings out the best in everyone and it’s the perfect icebreaker for our telemarketing specialists, as we believe that every conversation should be genuine, honest, pleasant and memorable.

We’ll have a friendly and insightful chat with your ideal buyer personas, getting them on your side before they leave for the Christmas break.

Offer a festive discount

If you have a promotion running, we’ll get it out there in a highly targeted and efficient way. Telemarketing is all about precision and depth, so our team members enable your audience to fully understand what’s available and use the art of persuasion to turn a “maybe” into a “yes”.

Sweetening the deal with a Christmas discount is always sure to get excellent results, which will then transform into long-term custom once the supplier/customer relationship is established.

Make December your busiest month

To find out more about how TNF Communications can achieve great things for your business, give our team a call on 01482 738984 or email


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