Limitless Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Limitless Outsourced Telemarketing Services
March 10, 2021 Dave Blount

There are so many benefits to telemarketing but, as with any other kind of sales and marketing activity, it has to be done properly 100% of the time. All it takes is a nervous newbie or someone whose heart isn’t in it and you’re sure to find yourself losing sales.

The specialists here at TNF Communications are no strangers to telemarketing, as it’s the very basis of our company mission. We didn’t chuck in telemarketing services as an add-on, it’s been at the core of our service delivery since day one. Due to us being a popular choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we’ve had to expand our team multiple times to accommodate the needs of our customers. This resulted in us moving offices twice within eight months, which shows how dedicated we are to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

A dependable overflow solution

If you already manage your telemarketing in-house, you may have everything you need to generate leads, convert them into sales and offer ongoing customer support. However, the better you do something, the sooner your business will outgrow its current setup. This often happens gradually and can be difficult to spot, then suddenly you reach the tipping point and it becomes clear that your service quality has taken a blow.

Don’t let this happen to your company. By analysing the efficiency and success rate of your customer service and sales teams, you can determine if it’s time to expand your workforce. It’s here that other problems can arise, such as not having enough space, equipment and resources. You also need to oversee lengthy recruitment and training programmes that come with a high cost and a slow return on investment.

Rather than expanding your existing team, get in touch with us to find out how we can deliver the highest calibre of telemarketing on your behalf, all while adhering to your company’s guidelines, voice and ethos.

Prevent employee burnout

Taking on new customers without increasing your team is a dangerous move. Unless your employees often find themselves with nothing to do, giving them significantly more work and larger targets can quickly result in burnout and disillusionment. Whilst the former can lead to illness and poor mental health, the latter will most likely cause them to leave your company for a role elsewhere.

We totally believe in encouraging staff to go above and beyond but every individual has a limit. By outsourcing some of the customer service and sales processes to us, we can work in unison with your current teams to bring outstanding results.

Diversify your offering

Let’s say you have a team who are already fantastic at contacting a particular audience, such as calling CEOs of established companies to tell them about a product or service. You may then decide to also target founders of small start-ups, which requires a totally different style. It will take time for a member of your team to totally transform the way they approach a prospect, which can pose a significant risk to your workflow and success rates.

Thanks to our own team of telemarketers having a wide-ranging set of skills and unparalleled experience, they’re ready to take on any job you throw at them. This ensures that the correct strategy is being followed, which guarantees top outcomes on a daily basis.

Get in touch

To find out more about how telemarketing can help you to attract and retain new business, give our friendly team a call on 01482 738984 or email




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