Get Back On Top with Telemarketing

Get Back On Top with Telemarketing
November 2, 2020 Dave Blount

2020 eh? It’s a year none of us will forget any time soon. Business owners in multiple sectors have seen reduced sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your own company needs to settle for slimmer profit margins.


It’s true that some people don’t fully appreciate the power of telemarketing, especially due to the sheer amount of digital marketing platforms that have launched over the last few years. We understand that it’s easy to see a traditional format as old school, yet telemarketing is more powerful than ever before and brings exceptional results to our clients on a daily basis.


TNF Communications is specifically designed to help all types of businesses through personalised telemarketing, sales calls and customer support services. By outsourcing these tasks to us, you’re investing in a highly experienced and focused team of professionals who are dedicated to growing your business.



Not just anyone can work here at TNF. You need to be a telemarketing specialist who can commit to delivering quality, consistency and professionalism 100% of the time.

Our telemarketers are also experts when it comes to listening to the respondent, analysing their needs and presenting a tailored solution. Advanced negotiation techniques and the art of persuasion also play a large role, enabling us to hit even the most ambitious targets.



We’ve been going for two years and are already in our third office due to our team constantly growing. This reflects our dedication to never turning a client away or letting them down, as we have the capacity to deliver any scale of telemarketing project or business development service you have in mind.


Pipeline improvement

Here at TNF Communications, we understand the importance of a constantly flowing pipeline and know how to make it run more smoothly. Whether you need us for lead generation, customer acquisition or client support, we have everything required to hit the ground running and bring exceptional results day after day.


Catch up, surpass and reimagine

If your sales have slumped over the last few months, that doesn’t mean it’s a sign of things to come. By approaching your customers from a fresh angle, we guarantee to revitalise your sales figures and entice more people to explore your offering. And it’s not just about catching up with where you were before, as we believe that every business should aim high and prepare itself for a bright future.


Enhance your service delivery

Telemarketing should never be seen as a standalone entity, as it’s a core part of your company’s perpetual growth and development. As well as doing the hard work on your behalf, we’ll also provide informed guidance and customised suggestions on how telemarketing can help you to achieve other goals.


For instance, it could be that moving into larger premises or investing in new technology is currently too pricey for your budget, so we’ll discuss which sales targets you need to hit in order to free up enough cash flow to achieve your objectives.


We’re ready when you are

To find out more about how telemarketing can help your ROI and business growth, give our friendly team a call on 01482 738984 or email


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