Frequently Asked Questions


  • How popular is B2B telemarketing?

    Telemarketing is a proven and effective way to reach new clients and is becoming an essential asset businesses. It is the most efficient way of gathering relevant information to determine sales opportunities. Most business start-ups now are encouraged to budget for some B2B telemarketing, as the best way to break into the marketplace.

  • Is Telemarketing a replacement to my sales force?

    In short no. We work with your organisation and bridge any gaps between your sales force and the client. This could mean passing “warm leads” to a sales force, or carrying out a specific campaign relating to up-selling to existing clients. You can use a team like ours to support areas not covered by your sales team. Whatever the activity, ProUpskill Telemarketing liaise closely with your sales force to ensure that key messages and objectives are consistent and support other activities you are doing.

  • What results can we expect to see using TNF Communications?

    One of the great things about telemarketing is that it can be measured, so you will always know your ROI from our work. We continually benchmark and monitor our activities to ensure you get the best results from our services.

  • What’s the difference between telemarketing and telesales?

    Telemarketing and telesales are very different activities – although they are often interchangeable depending on the aims of the campaign. Telesales is used to sell a company’s products or services, and is frequently described as “cold calling”. In contrast, telemarketing is more about relationship building and has far wider possibilities. It focuses on lead generation, prospecting, appointment-setting or is used to support other marketing activities which a business may be involved in.

    Here at ProUpslkill Telemarketing, we believe building relationships is key to success, and always aim to represent your to the highest quality

  • What will a telemarketing campaign cost?

    The cost of telemarketing will depend entirely on the scale of the campaign. Here at ProUpskill Telemarketing we work with our clients on a bespoke level, meaning each campaign is designed and priced to your budget requirements.

  • What can telemarketing realistically be used for?

    Telemarketing can perform several useful roles, including:

    • Identifying key personnel within companies you want to work with
    • Setting up appointments for Sales Teams, Account Managers, Directors etc..
    • Following up on mailshots, exhibition attendance, or potential customers who have responded to advertisements
    • Researching the potential of a new product
    • Keeping in touch with existing customers: reminding them of special offers or anniversaries, or checking that they are satisfied
    • Direct sales of goods which can be sold on a trial, or sale or return, basis

    Telemarketing is often the most cost effective way to reach new prospects and gather valuable information about your products and services because it can reach a high volume of people.

    It is possible to make first-time sales over the telephone, but success might depend on how well-known or easy-to-understand the offering is. However, telesales can work very well when it comes to making initial contact, keeping a customer informed, and encouraging repeat sales.

    For further information, please contact us on  01482 755711 or email

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