October 27, 2020 Dave Blount

The short answer  – NO!!

The need for a guarantee for everything we purchase has become common in many of today’s markets, which is understandable when it’s a physical product that should meet a set standard. But all too often, businesses are starting to expect a guarantee for any services that they purchase. Why we would all like results for our businesses, let us take a moment and clarify why intangible services such as Appointment Setting, and Lead Generation simply cannot have a guarantee of results all of the time.

If you purchase a car, there is usually a warranty/guarantee that the vehicle will do well by the consumer. Why is that? The reason is that it has been tested, crashed, driven, altered, revised, scrutinized and evaluated from every angle. It will have even taken several years to accomplish that task. Telemarketing is similar in many aspects. You have to formulate an idea, embrace processes, follow proven methodologies, add a little vision, test some approaches, fine-tune the messaging and evaluate the results to find out what’s working and what is not.


However, we have to do this for each new client, as each has a different offering and requires a varied approach in order to get results. Even if similar telemarketing has been done for companies comparable to yours, there are still so many variables and unknowns that need to be tested for your specific campaign. Size of your business audience? Who is the decision-maker? What is the sales cycle for a large or medium business versus a small business? Are we calling people in the North or South? etc…

The issue is that there are many telemarketing companies out there who choose to ignore this integrity, and will instead provide guarantees to help them close more sales – after all, wouldn’t you prefer to invest with a company that was offering you free service if you weren’t happy with it? The issue with this is that these are the kinds of businesses who tell you what you want to hear and do not focus on the long-term client relationship.

Whilst they do offer a guarantee (which helps them to get their sales), do you really think they will be willing to just give you all of your money back? It’s at this point that businesses can start to put through poor quality leads, and panic-sticking plasters on unfavourable results in order to hold on to the money you’ve paid them. It’s easy for a telemarketer to push a prospect into a poorly qualified appointment which is not necessarily a good fit for your business, purely to hit the numbers and avoid giving you any money back. You’re then left sitting appointments which the prospect isn’t interested in and you have very little chance of closing.

Any type of marketing comes with risk. If there were guarantees on results in marketing, then all businesses would be successful and prosperous. No one knows the outcome for certain. It is disheartening to see how many people place more value on an arbitrary number or “guaranteed” result over conducting an actual test to determine and learn the depths of a what makes a successful telemarketing campaign. When done correctly, telemarketing can form a part of the long term and successful lead generation and even the core of a business’s marketing strategy.

At ProUpskill Telemarketing, we’ll never give you these fake guarantees. We know that the best way to stay in business is by retaining our clients, which we’ll only ever achieve by doing an amazing job for them, and by having a strong relationship of honesty and openness where we work side by side to deliver you highly qualified business leads.

We’re ready when you are

To find out more about how ProUpskill Telemarketing can help your ROI and business growth, give our friendly team a call on 01482 755711 or email


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