5 Ways Telemarketing Drives Lead Generation

5 Ways Telemarketing Drives Lead Generation
October 2, 2020 Dave Blount

Here at TNF Communications, we provide a vast range of businesses with the highest calibre of B2B telemarketing services. Our commitment to training each team member to become the most effective, professional and personable telemarketer possible ensures exceptional results for all kinds of campaigns, from short-term projects to ongoing activity that becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy.

We often get people asking us why telemarketing is so effective in generating leads. After all, it’s a relatively traditional form of marketing when compared to newer formats such as social media and video ads. The long and short of it is that, when done right, telemarketing remains a powerful method of engaging the individual due to it’s direct and open nature. Whilst inbound content such as blog posts are a great way to attract relevant visitors, they don’t always inspire a two-way exchange. Telemarketing, on the other hand, is the perfect way to instantly connect with decision-makers through personalised conversations.

If that hasn’t persuaded you, below are the five key ways that telemarketing will help you to generate leads, drive sales, hit targets and access new opportunities that would otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Raise brand awareness

Nothing enables a brand to stick in someone’s head more than an intelligent and valuable discussion. Our telemarketers know exactly how to get through to your target audiences and speak to them at a time that suits their schedule, allowing an honest and enlightening conversation.

Tailored solutions

People always share more when they’re speaking to someone directly. By hearing the telemarketer’s voice and knowing their name, they become more relaxed and enter a more insightful chat than through any other form of marketing. This helps us to uncover their pain points and recommend relevant solutions that your company offers.

Quality over quantity

Business owners are obsessed with numbers, and rightly so. If your marketing manager said that a Facebook post had been shared a thousand times, that immediately sounds like an excellent outcome. But what about the tangible results, such as a prospect sending an enquiry, entering your CRM and starting their journey to becoming a valued customer?

Our B2B telemarketing services focus on the quality of the dialogue, which is much more likely to convert into a lead or a sale. After all, a hundred interested prospects are far better than a thousand idle likes any day of the week.

Explore new markets

Telemarketing offers you the opportunity to share precise information with new markets that you haven’t yet begun to dip your toes into. For many people, this can be a daunting task, but for us, it’s a challenge that we relish as we know exactly how to approach it both professionally and effectively.

Cost-efficient marketing

You could dump bags of moolah into inbound marketing, or you could invest inexperienced, passionate and highly capable telemarketers who are guaranteed to bring you top results. In the process, you may be surprised by the affordability of our pricing structure.

Get in touch

To find out more about how telemarketing can help you to attract and retain new business, give our friendly team a call on 01482 738984 or email workshop@thenorthernfoundry.com


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